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Acculabs, Inc. is a full-service environmental laboratory utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation and professional facilities. AccuLabs offers the full-range of analyses for environmental, wastewater, drinking water, ambient and soil gas samples.

All laboratory services are performed according to approved standard operating procedures with strict QA/QC guidelines to ensure accuracy. AccuLabs, Inc. can also provide clients' data package in e-mail and diskette with client specified and customized format. AccuLabs, Inc. is immediately available to provide these services for your current and future project needs.

Acculabs provides analytical laboratory services for environmental and regulatory compliance. The laboratories are located in 4500 square foot facility with three separate AC units and State of Art analytical instrumentation at 118 La Porte Street, Unit C & D, Arcadia, CA 91006. Acculabs was established in June 2004 and performs analytical tests for hazardous waste, soil, wastewater, industrial waste, storm water, drinking water and air toxic. The laboratories analyze chemical and hazardous substances in soil and water samples in accordance with the methods specified in the EPA manual, Methods for Analyzing Hazardous Waste (SW-846) Updated III, the EPA methods published in 40 CFR Part 136, the Standard Method for the Examination of Water and Wastewater published by American Public Health Association, and other regulatory testing procedures.

AccuLabs are equipped with three GC/MSs, six GCs ( with ECDs, PIDs, FIDs, and TCD detectors), two ICs ( with two CDs and one AD detectors), the first cryogenic preconcentrator is for TO tests, and the second unit is for cryogenic-loop-split head space analysis for both air toxic and groundwater monitoring tests, two O.I.-Archon autosamplers for soil and water samples, two autosamplers for ICs, three autosamplers for semi-VOC analyses and two aotosamplers and two sets of cryogenic set-ups for air-Toxic and headspace analyses. All the instruments are considered as top-notch systems in the market.


Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, Department of Health Services, State of California

Los Angeles County Sanitary District

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