1. Volatile Organic Compounds per EPA 8260B, EPA 524.1, EPA 8021B
  2. TPH, Gasoline and Diesel, and Fuel Characterization per EPA 8015M-LUFT
  3. Full Air Toxic Field of Tests: (i) Volatile Organics by EPA TO14/15/17 (Cryogenic GC/MS) (ii) Permanent Gases Test by ASTM D-1945 (iii) Ozone Precursor by TO-15M (iv) Siloxane Full Scan by TO-15-SIM (v) Total Sulfur Scan with TRS by EPA 16M and SCAQMD 307.9 (vi) Hydrocarbon Specification by EPA 18 (GC-FID)
  4. Vapor Intrusion, Soil Gas, Indoor Air Monitoring and Product Off-Gas Analyses
  5. Composition of Air Samples (Permanent Gases, Methane and Natural Gases, etc) per ASTM Method D-1946 and EPA TO-3.
  6. Chromium VI analysis by Ion Chromatograph with low detection limit (0.2 ug/L) for drinking and groundwater and other matrix per EPA 7199A and EPA 218.6
  7. Perchlorate, Hexachrom, Nitrate, Nitrite, Sulfate, Phosphate, Fluoride and Bromide by Ion Chromatograph in groundwater, drinking water and wastewater per EPA Method 300.1 and 314.0 (2 ug/L)
  8. Cryogenic Head Space Analyses for Sulfur Hexafluoride, Cryogenic Low Detection Limit Analyses for Benzene in Ambient Air, etc
  9. 1,2,3-TCP by EPA 524.2-SIM and 1,4-Dioxane by EPA 8260B-SIM
  10. Chloropicrin (Disinfection Byproducts) and Sulfur Hexafluoride (Head Space) by GC-ECDs
  11. Miscellaneous general chemistry tests
  12. Chemical consulation and analytical tests for special projects in industrial, environmental, chemical, and petroleum industries.
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